Frequently asked questions


1.How much does it take to clean a pillow?

It all depends on quality of the feathers. Chicken feathers can be cleaned longer than goose or duck’s. Pollution and the wear will also increase processing time. On average, cleaning of one pillow takes 10-15 minutes.


2. What is included in the warranty service within a year?

Warranty service includes free replacement of defective parts. Claims for mechanical damage will only be accepted at the time of receipt of the equipment when checking availability. All the machines are pre-tested and designed for trouble-free operating for at least 8 years. In case of failure of individual nodes, their change is implemented as quick as possible (mainly transport companies) for the seller. Guarantee does not apply to a bactericidal lamp and clamp.


3.Do you need a service specialist in case of the failure of the equipment?

The construction of the machine does not require special skills for replacing individual components. All information on replacement is in the manual and Tutorial for the equipment.


4.How you can get the machine if payment is made by bank transfer?

Equipment is delivered to you by any transport companies (Autolux, Night Express, The delivery, NOVA POSHTA), or you order a truck that delivers directly to the door. Shipping can be negotiated individually in each case.


5. What is the difference between pillow renovating and pillow manufacturing?

There is no difference in fact. During the renovating process the pillow is cut open and emptied into a tumble chamber, if you want to manufacture the pillow – you should think about the feathers or down to fill in pillows.


6. How much pen is required for a pillow?

Amount of filler depends on the quality of the down and feathers material. Chicken feathers are heavier than feathers of waterfowl. So, for example, medium density pillow filled with chicken will be much heavier than similar products made of goose down. It's important how long down-and-feather filler has been in operation. In general, the amount of the pen is determined by experience: in the process of filling, as well as by the client.


7. What tax system does this business need?

To open a workshop for the pillow renovating you need to open a "private entrepreneurs" and work on the single tax. This is the most optimal system operation.


8.Can a counter be installed in the equipment to see how many pillows were restored during a shift?

To place the counter is not possible, because the hopper lid can be opened multiple times during the renovating process. The fact is that the client tries density padding cushions and it may seem to him much either packed or highly soft, so you have to open the hopper a lot of times.


9. How is it possible to monitor the work of employees in the pillow renovating workshop?

It’s necessary to carry out an accounting and control every day. This will help you identify patterns of revenue and products, customer demand to know, evaluate the effectiveness of the employee and the ability to sell the service.

The best way to control is to set the video. This will solve the problem of security as well.


10. What do I need to open a mobile workshop?

First you need a commercial vehicle such as Gazelle, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, etc. The equipment for cleaning pillows, sewing machine, equipped with generator + shelves and everything necessary for comfortable work. You can run without the generator, after agreeing to a power source of electricity, but it is inconvenient and takes extra precious time that could be spent usefully.