Vita Start Moby $900

Vita Start Moby - compact unit for mobile pillow cleaning workshops

The company "Down World" presents the new product - «VITA Start Moby». This model combined a lot of new ideas and thus has a compact body!

The quality of cleaning pillows is identical to previous model! Ideal price and specifications for use in mobile restoration, suitable for both professionals and beginners!

Equipment «VITA Start Moby» is intended only for the manufacturing and restorating of pillows.

The machine can be used in very small rooms or in the car body. Dimensions of equipment and its price with excellent quality cleaning and dust-removing of down-feather filling deserve special attention.

Cleaning system and dust removal in "Vita Start Moby" is the same as in "Vita Start Optima" and the length of the machine is only 860 mm.

The cost of this equipment is  900 $.

«VITA Start Moby» - compact design and maximum possibilities!


Features of the Unit «VITA Start Moby»:

The equipment is original! Foster and hopper are located one above the other. Access to the loading hopper is through the receiving hopper.

Loading hopper capacity is pillow 80x80, which is absolutely unique achievement for systems with similar dimensions. Receiving hopper is designed to pillow of any size.

Cleaning unit is taken from the «VITA Start optima» as one of the most effective.

The size of cleaning and dust-removing block in «VITA Start Moby» is the same as in the full-size large equipment, which means that cleaning is performed at the level of more expensive models of equipment.

Dimensions of «VITA Start Moby» is: 860mm length x 660 mm Width x 895 mm height

Service of the equipment «VITA Start Moby» is only in the frontal part, but it can operate in two ways deployment, ease of use does not suffer.

Despite the unusual location of loading bunker under the hopper, you can watch the process of cleaning pillows through the viewing window on top.

Part of the loading bunker floor has a smooth surface for the control of the blind zones of the bunker.
Cleaning a pillow on the «VITA Start Moby» takes an average 5-7 minutes.

Viewing window in the hopper allows you to monitor the degree of filling of the new pillow.

Equipment with their small size works with 2 engines, the total power output is 2.8 kW, which contributes to the smooth lifting and cleaning even the heavy feathers. High power setting affects the time of cleaning; cleaning is faster than in the bigger machines.

Equipment «VITA Start Moby» is equipped with a safety valve system and removes static from the working surfaces. The equipment is grounded.
In the loading bunker there are 2 lamps: the lighting lamp and ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Lamps are hidden from direct contact with eyes and hands of the operator.

«VITA Start Moby» effectively cleans the old filling of debris, removes dust from down and feather mixture of two-stage method with the system of forced selection by vacuum pumps.

Ergonomics of the cleaning unit can remove the dust and lint, but not the feathers on the whole route of the filler. The volume of debris, dust and lint, selected from one pillow is impressive!

Productivity of new equipment is up to 70 pillows per 8 hours at excellent quality of cleaning and dust removing of the filler.

The process of pillow renovating on the «VITA Start Moby»

Capacious loading hopper is designed for the pillow 80x80. The volume of the receiving hopper is sufficient to pillow of any size. It’s possible to make blankets.
The equipment is very reliable and compact, low noise level - less than 70 dB.

A vacuum cleaner is supplied as a separate unit, the cost of equipment is specified without a vacuum cleaner. A separate vacuum cleaner has several advantages over the built-in. That is, above all, power, capacity, comfort and versatility of its application. Quick and easy cleaning of the unit itself.

«VITA Start Moby» is one of the best low-cost, convenient, compact, efficient equipment with excellent quality cleaning and dust removing of the old filler!

It’s also possible to equip «VITA Start Moby» with a vacuum cleaner.

Cost of equipment «VITA Start Moby» with a vacuum cleaner is $ 1000.

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We offer with the Unit:

1. ZIP (spare clamp).

2. Booklet, DVD disc with training videos. Details are here.

3. Set of tools and accessories for the operator (hose-nozzle distance for filling the hopper, vacuum nozzle, nozzle for filling quilts, a shelf for attachments, a shelf for tools, mixing and probe for verification of filler).

4. 4 pillow-cases as a sample (70x70, 60x60, 50x70, 40x40).





Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

Parameter name



Overall dimensions:
- length
- width
- heigth






Voltage AC



Power consumption



The processing time of down-feather material by germicidal radiation, at least



Uptime (not more)



Time between switching on



Quantity of attendants