Business plan or business profitability for the cleaning of down and feather products workshop


One workshop serves effectively for 10 - 15 thousand people.

Cost of a pillow-case made of imported fabric is 15 UAH. (70 ? 70 cm). Service fee for the pillow 70 ? 70 renovation is 35-60 UAH. (Depends on the region, type of workshop: mobile or stationary).

Cost of a pillow-case for quilts is from 70 UAH to 170 UAH. The price of services for the renovation of quilts is from 210 to 450 UAH / pcs.

Cost of a pillow-case for quilts range from 160 to 210 UAH., The price of services for the renovation of quilts is from 375 to 625 UAH / pcs.

Thus, the profitability of the renovation of down-feather articles workshop is average between 50 to 200% (depends on the region, the location of the workshop and the ability to organize the working process).

Expenditures for maintenance workshop for the renovation of pillows:

consumption of electricity per month - 200 kW.

rent - 1000 UAH / month

wages - 1000-1500 UAH / month depending on the region

monthly average consumption of fabric is 150 meters or 4650 USD. Monthly income is about 12,000-15,000 UAH / month, expenses are about half of that sum.


Equipment for Small Business


Payback for the pillow renovating workshop is about 4-7 months.


- production and sale of bedding and bath accessories gives a monthly income of about 5000-7000 UAH per month.

- The organization of services "home delivery" gives 20-30% increase in clients.

We make our conclusion based on 6 years of experience working in regions.

The revenue in the first three months is from 5000 to 8000 UAH per month. After 3-5 months, it can already reach 9000 - 12 000 UAH if you workshop has permanent good and quality customer service.


Equipment for Small Business


The development of profitability for the renovating business depends primarily on your right actions and providing good service.


Today’s economy is causing many cleaners to look at ways to improve profitability.

Service of pillow renovating is new in the former CIS. Now this market segment can be attributed to one of the fastest growing. Demand creates supply. Services market in dry cleaning of bags and quilts is developing dynamically, annual increment is about 30 - 40%.


Purchase of equipment and rental is the biggest share of the cost.

In addition to equipment you also need fabric for sewing of pillow-cases, threads, piping, and other accessories.

Price and durability of the product depend on the quality of the material used. A positive image of your workshop can be created by variety of colors of fabrics and quality service.


Nowadays people pay special attention to a healthy lifestyle, try to eliminate hazards affecting life expectancy. That’s why the demands for pillow renovating are increasing.

You can also offer additional services to your customers by selling of bedding, bath accessories and much more. Additional services will bring you 20-30% of the principal activity.

To take pillows from customer’s house and take back renovated pillows is a very popular service now. This will give you 20-30% of additional income.

The choice of pillow renovating as a business to start, is justified in all respects. Once restored at least one pillow, thankful people will come back every year, feeling a favor and benefit after renovating of their favorite subjects to sleep!


Premises for cleaning pillows workshop.


For successful business you need to choose a place that would ensure a large influx of customers. It can be near the market or transport stop.

The opportunity to get to the workshop by the car is also very important, because many customers have taken all their pillows at once - and, of course, carry them in the hands is impossible.

Correct choice of the place for a stationary workshop of cleaning pads guarantees a 50% success rate. As a rule, the workshop, established in residential areas does not bring the desired success.

It is desirable that the room had stained glass windows that will serve you as advertising and will attract new customers.

The recommended floor space of 6 to 14 square meters. Workshop with an area of 6 m2 is certainly too small, but the rental price will be less. It’s possible to place the equipment for cleaning, sewing machine, and cutting table, shelves for ready pillow-cases, a wardrobe and personal things.

Room of 10 m2 will give you more options in terms of comfort. Here, in addition to providing standard services on the renovating of pillows you have the opportunity to organize the sale of the bed linen, quilts, blankets, etc.

In the space of 14 m2 and above, you can open a mini shop selling ready-made pen-down products, bath and bedding. There will be a place for customers waiting for their products.

The room should be dry, warm, equipped with natural ventilation. It’s better to equip the workshop with artificial ventilation if possible.

For the organization of the workshop you will need:

- Ordinary household vacuum cleaner to clean the room;

- A simple sewing machine with electric feed opening for sewing of pillow-cases.

- Shelf or rack to put pillow-cases

- Table for receiving and packing pillows and quilts

- Pillow ticking fabric, ticking for sewing pillow-cases or ready pillow-cases that you can buy from us.




Recruitment and remuneration is one of the most important issues. It depends on the staff, whether the customer will come a second time and the staff forms the image of the workshop. Therefore, you should pay attention to the universal quality of the worker: friendliness, attentiveness, diligence, industriousness, sociability.

At peak times from March to December, the workload can be significant. One person mightn’t cope with everything. And it’s also impossible to work 7 days a week, without weekends. Therefore, it has to be a second employee, at least part time. Ideally, you have two people working. First, the workshop will operate 7 days a week, and secondly to replace the worker in case of illness. An employee works 3 days a week, the second 4 days, next week, on the contrary. In case of large number of customers one person is engaged in restoration to speed order fulfillment, another sews restored pillows or blankets, wraps the finished products and deals with the client in choosing the desirable colors of pillow-cases. It might occur in peak season - the month of August, so seasonal recruitment is possible then.

Payment of the employee is made individually. To be most effective to establish a better rate plus a percentage of each refurbished product. The average salary of staff, depending on the region from 1000 to 2500 UAH.

If you need a day off, we recommend you do it on Sunday or Monday. The most productive days: Wednesday and Saturday.

The work of operator is not easy, requires health. Attention should be paid to allergic diseases, general physical condition of the employee.

Each employee should be warned about the liability for the loss of pillow-cases with monthly inventory, and in case of deception the person is immediately dismissed. If a question arises, how is it possible to monitor the work of employees on the workshop? The best way is to set the video. This will also solve the problem of security. So the cost will be paid back double.

Profession of the operator does not need the prior training, that’s why it’s easy to find the staff.

It is necessary to carry out accounting and control on the workshop for renovating of pillows every day. It will help you to identify patterns of revenue and products, know customer demands, evaluate the effectiveness of the employee and the ability to sell the service.

Equipment of the workshop for pillow and featherbeds renovating


Equipment of the workshop for the renovating, of course, depends on the premises! The workshop should be equipped with the Unit for cleaning pillows, featherbeds and quilts, sewing machine, shelves for pillow-cases, small wardrobe for personal things and a table. This is the minimum that you need to get started. We describe all items in order.

Equipment for renovating of pillows, quilts and featherbeds.

For example, Unit «VITA START mini».

Its dimensions:

Length – 1655mm, width – 700mm, height – 920mm.

The working area of the Unit is the front part. You don’t need additional space on the sides. Therefore, placement of the equipment in any room will not cause any difficulties.


Sawing machine.

For your workshop you will need a sewing machine with electric drive. We recommend using SINGLE sewing machine with lockstitch flat platform for sewing medium fabric.

Shelves or racks for pillow-cases.

For operator convenience and comfort of customers we recommend to install shelves or racks to accommodate small pillow-cases. Shelves should have at least 8 cells to accommodate pillow-cases of different sizes.

• Wardrobe for the personal things.

It’s necessary to take care about employee’s life and place a small wardrobe for personal things.

• The table.

The table is necessary in the workshop. It serves as reception desk as well as for cutting fabric for pillow-cases and do all the necessary for renovating things.

Client’s corner.

You should equip “CLIENT’S CORNER”. All the necessary documents, permits, the book for complains and suggestions, a copy of the certificate of registration and price for the service.

Together with the pillow renovating we recommend to arrange a mini-studio for sewing the bedding on request.

In addition to ready-made bedding it’s necessarily to have separate cushion covers, bed sheets, duvet covers. The clients can suggest the range of products you offer and related, your task is to respond to emerging demand!


Promotional materials


We want you to have additional profits from our equipment purchase so we can help you market it.

When you purchase the equipment and start business you will need to notify your customers of the new service. We can offer you special posters and support materials.