About us

Equipment for Small Business

The company " Pukhoviy mir " offers you to start a business in the service sector. We have been working in this field for over 10 years, although the company has been organized recently .

We offer equipment for small businesses in the area of consumer services. This business may be called small, if you have opened just one workshop for pillow renovation. Of course, the more workshops you open to provide this service, the greater income you’ll have. You can find the approximate calculation of profitability of a pillow workshop here.

At our site you will find modern equipment for the restoration of pillows, high-quality consumables - fabric for sewing pillow-cases (tick for pillow-cases), as well as ready-made pillow-cases for pillows.

If you want to provide a better service and to leave all competitors far behind, then our equipment for small business is just for you. Work on the equipment produced by the company “Pukhoviy mir “ is very simple, but the final result will be stunning, especially for those who have already worked in the field of pillow renovation.

A lot of businesses on dry cleaning have been opened, but more than 90% of the equipment is not equipped with dust removal function, this equipment uses only the function of mechanical cleaning.

Our company can provide shipment of equipment not only for Ukraine but also in CIS countries and the European Union. All the conditions of sending in each case can be discussed to specify the terms and clarify details.

When you start this business it’s important to develop and improve the quality of service provided. Our goal is to help you with this.