Vita Box light

«VITA box light» is unique, compact equipment, affordable, ideal for making blankets, quilts and mattresses made of natural and synthetic fillers. You can make products “on the table”, the Unit is controlled by a foot pedal!

The uniqueness of the equipment «VITA box light» is its size, performance and versatility in use for natural fillers (down, feathers) in manufacture of blankets, quilts and mattresses, as well as for manufacturing of products from artificial swan down or granular holofiber. The cost is 600 $.

The Unit «VITA box light» is a godsend for small businesses, specializing in the manufacturing of blankets, and for renovating workshops to expand services (now the blanket can be made in the presence of the customer!)

«VITA box light» is a simplified version of the Unit for BLANKET RENOVATING «VITA box». The differences between them lie in the presence \ absence of agitator and the size of loading chamber.



«VITA box light» is an ultra-compact device for convenient, fast, and quality-controlled production of blankets, quilts or mattresses in the most convenient form of work - on the table! Products are made in record time (15-20 min.)!

The Unit is ideal for development of services in the restoration workshops as well as for companies that make blankets from natural and synthetic fillers.

Renovating and manufacturing of blankets, quilts and mattresses is the most profitable service in the workshops! 15 minutes of work on «VITA box light» can give you as much as half a day or a whole day of pillow renovating!


Features of the Unit «VITA box light»:

* Portion feed ingredient in pillow-case by a foot pedal activation of the engine;


* All products are manufactured on the table, or on any horizontal surface outside the Unit;


* The operator controls the degree of filling the cells of products during the manufacturing;


* It’s possible to make products of synthetic fillers;


* «VITA box light» does not require special skills to operate it;


* NEW!!! You can renovate blankets in the presence of the customer in a short time (it takes about 20 minutes with pre-cleaning of filler);


* The Unit is equipped with a remove static;


* Safety valve ensures safe operation, eliminates the chance of equipment failure in case of contact with foreign objects into the hopper or large lumps of filler, which hinder the smooth passage of air;


* The Unit is on wheels, easy to move around the room;


* Compact dimensions of the unit is: length - 810 mm, width - 335 mm, height - 650 mm allows you to keep the Unit off the job at any table that doesn't need extra space in the room;


* Hopper has a capacity of 75 liters, enough to make king-size blankets or a single band of a mattress with a height 5 cm.


* High speed and easy manufacturing of blankets, quilts, mattresses! The payback period for «VITA box» is 3 months!


* Does not require special skills for the operator to work.


«VITA box light» copes with the manufacturing of all size blankets an average of 15-20 minutes (at least 6 times faster than making quilts on universal units!).

The most important advantage of the unit is the convenience of use for the manufacturing of complex products such as blankets, featherbeds or mattresses, as well as ultra-compact dimensions of equipment and low price!

There’s no function of mixing in the «VITA box light». This function is necessary in case of a heterogeneous mixture of feathers and down. In homogeneous filler (e.g., only down, or just feathers, or synthetic filler) the function of mixing is not necessary.

It is also useful in severe mixer filler; it raises and fluffs the filler.


We offer with the Unit:


* Spare engine, set of seals.


* Certification of the equipment.


* Set of tools and accessories for the operator (nozzle to fill the blankets and mattresses, nozzle for manufacturing featherbeds).


Features of the Unit

Features of the Unit “VITA box light”


*The Unit “VITA box light” blows the filler into the pillow-case


* Foot control operation of the Unit.


* Easy and comfortable manufacturing of blankets, featherbeds and mattresses “on the table” or any horizontal surface.


* Removing static electricity system works on all working surfaces of the Unit.


*Low noise level of the Unit, low power consumption.


* The hopper is large enough for the manufacturing of blankets without re-adding the filler.


* The Unit is compact and has wheels, so it’s easy to place it anywhere in the room (for example, under the table).


* Easy management of the Unit.


* Please note that the safety valve ensures safety, reliability and durability of the unit.


* Easy loading of the material and cleaning of the Unit after the work.


* Fast and qualitative producing of blankets, featherbeds and mattresses of all sizes made from down and feathers in a short time (15-20 minutes - one piece), as a consequence - high profitability.


* Excellent visualization of the manufacturing process - operator can monitor the filling of each cell of the blanket visually and tactilely. Viewing window is in the chamber and transparent hose used to estimate the amount of filler in pillow-case.


* The Unit has no analogues as to convenience and speed in manufacturing of blankets.


Design Advantages «VITA box light» for the operator:

*The Unit can be moved on the wheels, has a height of 65 cm, may easily be placed anywhere in the room.


* Easy and convenient control of the unit (there’s a button to prevent accidental pressing the foot pedal during the loading of the filler)

* Illumination in the working chamber of the Unit.


* The engine can be turned on by the foot switch.


* It’s possible to control the degree of filling of the cells visually and by touch.


* The original system of pruning flying down during the loading into the hopper (to ensure cleanliness in the room).


* The viewing window in the top hopper allows to check the current amount of filler in the Unit (there’s a light in the working chamber).


* There are slots for a hose with a nozzle attachment and place for the wire and pedals.


* The grounding system of all working surfaces of the Unit and a safety valve is a feature of all our equipment to create a comfortable and safe work for the operators.


* Information sticker on the front panel of the Unit provides information about the efficiency of customer support services to manufacturing blankets, previously considered impossible because of the complexity of manufacturing.


The principle of the Unit


The principle of the Unit «VITA box light»


«VITA box light» is a device for making blankets, featherbeds and mattresses.

The Unit «VITA box light» does not clean the filler from debris, dust and lint! It is additional equipment for the pillow renovating workshops.

This Unit serves as an excellent option for companies that specialize in making quilts from natural and synthetic fillers. Swan's down and holofiber granules are ideal artificial fillers.

If «VITA box light» works with the old down-feather filler, you must first clean the filler in any equipment designed for this purpose. Then this filler can be put in «VITA box light» for manufacturing blankets, featherbeds or a mattresses.

The size of the chamber allows you to fill 75 liters of filler, suitable for making small quilts or several strips quilts and mattresses. If there is insufficient filling in the entire product to be re-loaded into the working chamber of the installation. For a large mattress such procedure should be repeated from 2 to 7 times. Comparing with his elder brother «VITA box», the process of manufacturing the product is for 5-10 minutes longer in «VITA box light».

The catcher is provided in order to avoid flying of the easiest parts of the filler around the room. It is designed for operator’s comfort. The hose of the vacuum cleaner is connected to the catcher. «VITA box light» is equipped with wheels for easy work on the Unit and it can be placed anywhere in the room. Dimension of the equipment allows placing it under any table. Blowing out the filler in the product is made by foot. The operator can control the degree of fullness of each cell in blankets or a mattress visually or by hand. The operator can prevent the penetration of the filler in an already filled cell.

A safety valve is for the safety of the equipment. It allows you to avoid excess pressure in case of falling foreign objects into the hopper or large lumps of filler that impede the smooth flow of air. The grounding system of all work surfaces removes static electricity in working areas of the unit. It’s necessary to have a network to ground.

The design features of the Unit «VITA box light»

The Unit «VITA box light» consists of the hopper, hose with a nozzle for blankets or featherbeds and the pedal to start the engine.

There’s a backlight in the hopper.

The hose has a cross section of 50 mm, optimal for filling the cells of blankets, both in time and composition of the filler. The hose is grounded in order to avoid static electricity. We offer two attachments with the unit: 40 mm in diameter for blankets and mattresses, 50 mm is for featherbeds (to increase the speed of filling featherbeds). Each cell of the blanket is filled in about 2 seconds.

BLANKET-cases for «VITA box light» have the same design as for general-purpose units, i.e. with through channels between cells in 40mm.

The device operates from a single engine capacity of 1.2 kW, voltage 220 V. The same engines are used in our equipment for renovating of down-feather products.

Work on «VITA box light» is extremely simple and pleasant! The process of making blankets, featherbeds and mattresses are no longer labor-intensive and not a boring procedure! On the contrary, «VITA box» is a favorite in the arsenal of equipment for renovating of down and feather products!


Technical characteristics

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Overall dimensions:
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Voltage AC



Power consumption



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